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100 Days of Photos - Week 4 - The End

I can hear my friend Amy calling me a rebel as I write this.  I really can't make myself do anything that doesn't make my heart sing.  I made is 24 days into a 100-day project.  Let me just point out that I need to stop trying these things.  I NEVER complete any of them.  I didn't complete Inktober a couple of years ago.  I failed at the 30-day color challenge... and now this.  I must stop!  So here they are the last few shots that took us to day 24.

Day 21:
Selfie, no makeup, and messy hair.

Day 22:
Kitten paw.

Day 23:
Lemon Kitty.

Day 24:
Dinner.  Eating my stress with mac n cheese and fries with a glass of red wine.

The End.