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On Being a Pet Momma

Let's get one thing out in the open, right up front.  I have four children.  No, I did not give birth to them.  No, they are not human.  They are children none the less.

We currently have four girls, two dogs and two cats.  We talk to them like they are human and treat them better than some people treat children.  The sleep in our bed, they get on the couch, they make us crazy.  We buy them treats, toys and even clothing when needed.  I worry about them as if they are children when we leave them with a sitter for the weekend.

Our youngest has bad manners and is headstrong.  She loves to "taste" everyone who comes to the door.  No biting, just a bit of doggie mouthing and gumming.  She gets very excited when people come and she loves to talk.  She's the Houdini of the group.  Can get out of most anything that she finds confining.  She loves treats, being free and sleeps on her back under our bed at night.  Hedy is a mixed breed rescue dog, part husky, chow and rottweiler.  She's a bit misunderstood and is totally a momma's girl.

The "baby" of the family loves treats and belly rubs.  She's sweet and loves her daddy.  Snores like a hibernating bear and will do anything to go bye-bye in the car.  Thinks she's tough, but only from the confines of the house or the front porch.  Loud noises make her run for the bunker, aka the downstairs tub.  Matilda is a Toy Aussie, also a bit of a rescue dog.  She's the princess of the house.

The one with the most energy in the house will also come running when the treat drawer is opened.  She steals things small things like buttons and coins off of the counters in the night.  She loves to sleep under the covers and hide in the closest when we're gone for long periods of time.  Lemon came to live with us when some of our family needed to give her up.  She's a tiny calico full of playfulness.

Our oldest is a crabby girl, most people call her mean kitty, including me.  She was a pound baby.  I've had her since she was tiny.  She's 17 now.  All black and full of sass.  She screams at everyone and would prefer it if we left the faucet in the tub on for her drinking needs.  She hisses, and occasionally swipes, at anyone that doesn't live here. Ashes is an unknown bread, but full of attitude. 

Anyone that comes to visit expecting our pets to behave like well-trained animals will always leave a little shocked.  I tell anyone who stays overnight, or for any length of time, to shut their door at night if they don't want an unexpected bed partner or two.  Yes, they beg and yes, they do get table scraps.  They are spoiled, ill-mannered and full of love.  If you visit, expect to leave covered in hair and maybe even a little dog slobber.  They are our children, they live here, you do not.