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On Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever, the ailment from which I am currently suffering.  Winter has lasted way too long this year.  We didn't take our annual trip to Hawaii to break up the cold and darkness of the long Alaskan winters, for which I am truly in a state of regret.  We are still under about two feet of snow, probably more in select spots of our yard.  Yes.  The sun has returned, but that doesn't make the cold leave.

I'm tired of going from the car to a building and back to the car and back to a building.  This routine is getting OLD!!!  I want to be outside, which yes if I bundle up I can be, but I HATE THE COLD.  I don't have any desire to be out in it, trudging through the snow, pretending I love winter.  Nope.  No Way.  Not at all.  I'm over it and ready for some summer!!!

I've had a number of people say getting a "happy" light helps.  Maybe it does, but it's no substitute for sitting on the porch sipping iced tea and listening to the birds.  Yep, I have white noise apps to simulate nature sounds.  Again I will point out this does not change the fact that I am OVER winter.

I want to enjoy our yard, sit on the porch, read in the hammock.  I want to grill and eat dinner at our picnic table.  Instead, I'm sitting in my studio, staring out the window at the field of white snow and sipping peppermint tea as I write this.  The sun is shining and the skies are blue, and it 16 degrees with a crisp wind.

I've been trying to busy myself with cleaning, cooking, writing, reading and the like, but it's barely taking the edge off.  I'm so ready to be outside enjoying my flip flops, listening to my windchimes, sitting in my lounge chair sipping wine and wandering around our yard. 

This past weekend we started our seeds for the garden, which gives me hope that Spring may eventually come, but this year it seems like it's taking its own damn time getting here. 

Is anyone else suffering with me or am I alone?