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Seeking Something That Is Authentically Mine

If you ask my husband, he'll tell you that this is a thing that happens whenever I jump full speed into something, I'll do it to the point of burnout and then seek something else.  If you ask me, I'm still seeking something that is authentically mine.

My latest obsession of creativity has been making cards, by the hundreds.  I've been an on again off again card maker since I was in high school.  Yes, I know.  I'm dating myself.  I've had another good run with this creative endeavor, and let's be clear, I'm not done with it.  I'm just on a little sabbatical.

What am I doing while I'm on this little sabbatical?  I'm sketching, reading and breathing life back into my photography page, hate the word blog.  Anyway...moving on.  I'm still seeking something that takes my talents and desires in a creative direction that is authentically mine.  I assume this plagues many creatives.  I envy those with just one passionate, creative, endeavor but that's not me.

Over the years I've whittled things down, but I still have three things that pull at my heart - Art, Photography and Writing.  I'm now 41, still trying things with each of these areas, but I feel like I need to make this the year I find the thing that is authenticly mine.  The year where I start making more with my own art, rather than creating solely with what is available on the market to card makers.  Something that is authenticly mine, something that includes art and photography.