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Unsponsored Review: Crio Bru

Let me start by first saying this is an unsponsored review of a product I recently purchased and enjoyed.  I thought it would be worth sharing my thoughts with all of you.  Let's start with the basics...   Crio Bru is not coffee, it's made from cacao, also known as cocoa beans.  The beans are roasted, ground and brewed the same as coffee.  I ordered the Little Bag Bundle for $12.95, which is two (4 ounce) bags of two different roasts.  This seemed like the perfect way to try Crio Bru without a big investment.  The tagline at the top of the website says "jump into dark chocolate heaven" and I won't lie if you don't like dark chocolate don't bother.  When we tried our first tasting, I used our French Press to make it, as suggested in the brewing instructions on the back panel of the package.  I liked it better than hubby did, but I'm a dark chocolate lover.  I'm one of those people that enjoys 70% cacao and higher in my dark chocolate ba

Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired

I've been down with a nasty Spring cold for somewhere in the ballpark of eight days.  I actually think this is worse than the bronchitis I had while we were on vacation over the Christmas Holidays.  I took nearly an entire week off work and I still feel exhausted and rung out.  I still have the stuffy nose and congestion.  It's getting better, but this one is a hanger-on.  Hubby had it first, he was kind enough to bring it home from work.  He's a week father into this crud than I am, but he's still has a bit of a cough and is rundown.  We're both on the mend, but this one really took it out of us.  We're noticing the older we get the harder it is to get over these things. We're both pretty good about staying home when we're sick, but not everyone uses their sick time as they should.  Seriously, that's what it's for and the rest of us would totally appreciate it if you'd use it rather than bringing your cud to the office to share it.