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Wandering & Wondering

I go through these phases once or twice a year.  I wander through my thoughts and wonder what I'm doing, how could I be doing it better, if I should be doing something different.  I run off with wild abandon on a creative journey, sure that this will be the right one, the one that will set me free.  Only to find burned out at the end of each venture because I don't know how to pace myself or take the right steps to make it work and grow. I've found myself exploring many things.  Some of the paths I've ventured down include: Cookbook writing (wrote and self-published two books) Food Blogger (wrote for 7 years and then removed it from the internet) Handmade Gift Shop on Etsy (three years of thinking sewing would set me free) Photography Blog (goes in fits and starts, still posting, but not consistent) Card Blogger (I've learned I'm not a DIY, step by step blogger) Handmade Card Artist (still doing this but in a bit of a creative slump) Life Blog (you&#

Reflections: Summer 2019

Where has my summer gone?  Summer in Alaska always goes so fast.  Three months of 24 hours of light seems to fly by at the speed of light. I always lose the month of June to long hours at work while we put on a Heavy Equipment Academy, in which I spend many days wearing this ensemble. We did a little extended getaway over the 4th of July weekend and made our first trip to Anchorage.  Forrest fires in the area made it a really smokey trip, but we were there the day the state broke a temp record and it hit 90 degrees. Had some good food, did some shopping and looked for a fifth wheel.  Ate at the "famous" Moose's Tooth Pizza. And on our way home we held out to eat at our favorite place in Denali, aka Glitter Gultch, Moose-AKas. Seriously, they have the best crepes we've ever eaten. I got a bit of rhubarb from our friends and processed it all into freezer bags for us to enjoy over the winter.  By some rhubarb, I mean 45 cups of rhubarb.