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Lived in or Messy?

Housekeeping is such a relative perspective, isn't it?  No really.  Think about that one person's hot mess is a lived in house.  One person's clean house is another person's worst nightmare.  I'm the lived in house that finds overly clean houses to be a nightmare.  There is nothing that makes me more self-conscious than visiting someone who has one of those "everything in its place homes."

We have two cats and a dog, can you say hair?  I'm a creative, so I'd rather be creating than cleaning any day of the week.  If you came to see how clean my house is then you came for the wrong reasons.  Our house is lived in.  It's not dirty.  It's not disgusting.  It's lived in.

You don't have to take your shoes off when you come here and you'll go home with dirty socks if you do.  My animals live here, so don't sit if you don't want to go home with some sort of hair somewhere on you.  You'll often find dirty dishes in the sink and a stove that is in desperate need of a wipedown.  You'll find laundry waiting to be folded from last week's washing and our bed is never made unless of course we just changed the sheets.

If you have hives from reading that then I suggest you move on.  We won't make good friends.

The first few years we were married my mom made me feel terrible about how clean my house was, or should we say wasn't. Every time she visited there were always comments about the things I should be doing and wasn't.  For example, I don't dust.  This used to hurt, make me cry and made me feel very inept.  Then one time when she was visiting I told here where the broom was if she felt my floor was that dirty.  That ended the criticism.  I was done feeling bad about not meeting the 1950's standard of housekeeping.

There is no schedule in this house.  I do laundry when I can, usually a load here and four loads there.  I don't like to vacuum and only do it when I can no longer stand not doing.  I don't do anything on a once a week rotation.  No amount of amazing cleaning supplies makes me want to clean, there is no chore chart out there that makes me jump for joy, and I was blessed with a husband that doesn't give a damn Scarlet.

We live a full life, doing the important things that make memories and keep us happy.  No one will be remembered for their clean house legacy.  Unless, of course, it's in the sarcasm of Grandma's plastic-covered couch and floor runners to protect the carpet in the living room.  because in the end, the house is sold, the carpet is torn out and the good dishes end up at the thrift store.  Think about that the next time you judge based on the "cleanliness" of someone's house.