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Currently March 2020

It all seems like it started with daylights savings time, a full moon and Friday the 13th.  Then came COVID-19 (aka Carona Virus) and now it's been snowing on and off for three days in Interior Alaska.

Meme from Facebook
Our world is shutting down one piece at a time.  First the public schools.  Then went the bars,  restaurants, gyms and even churches.  There are snarky comments about hoarding.   Toilet paper is selling out as fast as it hits shelves.

I don't even have the words to explain how I feel about all of the things going on.  I'm saddened by the number of people who won't take it seriously.  I'm angry at how the news chooses to cover things like this.  I'm worried about my family that is thousands of miles from me at this crazy time.  I'm amazed at the kindness people are sharing in this time of panic.  I'm awestruck by the diversity of some business as they change and morph to help with the changing needs of our country.  I'm concerned about the impact this will have on our country.  I could go on, but we don't need a laundry list of what I'm feeling.

I think Mike Rowe said it best in one of his Facebook posts this past week:
"It feels like the country is going through the five stages of grief, but at different speeds. Some are angry, some are depressed, some are in denial, some are bargaining, and some have accepted the fact that we’re in for a long, strange trip." - Mike Rowe

Meme from Facebook
I also think it's VERY important for us all to keep our sense of humor.  I also know that humor is how many of us deal with stress and the unknown, so don't be too hard on your friends cracking jokes about our current state of affairs.

I've told a few of my friends that in five years we can look back on this and laugh about the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 that was brought on by the "beer" virus.

Before you get angry, this is coming from someone in Day 8 of House Hostage 2020, with no end in sight.  I'm also someone who is very uncertain about the future.  I have a job that doesn't come with sick leave or vacation time.  The public schools in Alaska are now closed by Governor mandate until May 1st, as of the last update.  More of our state is shutdown than open at this point.  There's a mandate in place that closes many of the public services in our state - dine-in restaurants, gyms, bars, churches, and the list keeps growing.  These closures will have a deep impact on many of my friends.  If I don't laugh I will spend my time crying.

I'm trying very had to stay focused on projects and making the most of being home.  There's been a lot of cooking happening in our house.  I've dusted off my sewing machine.  I'm even close to finishing a shawl I've had in progress for like four years.  I've started seeds for our garden and cleaned something nearly every day.  I'm constantly looking for the silver lining.

How are you?  Are you knee-deep in homeschooling?  Have you had to close your business?  What are you doing to keep yourself busy and pass the time?  Are you looking for the silver lining, no matter how deep you have to dig for it?