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Reflecting & Counting Blessings

Sitting here this morning, sipping coffee, with my feet up,  watching the geese and swans fly by my studio window.  I may not be making art right now, but this is still my studio.  My happy place, the place where I write, make art, create cards, sew, knit, and daydream about my next creative endeavor.  This is the same desk I surf social media from and where I seem to be counting my blessings these days.  Because I'm counting my blessings quite a bit right now.

What are we all thankful for right now?  No really, what are you thankful for?  Let's take a minute and focus on the positive things.  Walk away from the news briefings and the number counting and the terrible game of telephone the press plays with everything.  Are you with family during all of this?  Are you in a small town where there are far fewer cases of COVID-19?  Are you able to work from home? Are you able to put meals on the table?

This is a house of introverts, so this isn't having a significant impact on our social needs.  We're doing projects around the house.  You know the ones we're always putting off, but have most of the supplies for.  I've rekindled my passion for cooking and writing about food.  I'm able to read more.  I'm finally rested.  We're finding more time to research ideas for our garden.  We live in a small town with very low case numbers.  Most importantly, we're together.  We're incredibly blessed.  Hubby is still working and I'm able to work from home.

I read something the other day that I hope to go out of this with and keep in mind going forward:
Get into the habit of asking yourself - "does this support the life I'm trying to create."
Take a moment and really think about that.   The next time you've built your life into an overscheduled mess, think about these words.  Because let's be honest, some people can't help but wear their busyness as a badge of honor and they're itching to get back to all of it.  Only to begin the complaining cycle all over again.

I truly wonder how many of us will be able to walk into the new normal, having learned enough about our own mental health and lifestyle to change our draining habits.  Have we learned to put ourselves, our health, and our families first?  Or will we return to the wheel and begin running as fast as we can all over again?