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Snapshots of Our Alaskan Life

Our summer has been rainier than I prefer.  We've spent a lot more time under gloomy skies than any Alaskan like this time of year.  The rain is always good, but we've hit the "too much of a good thing" phase.   We took advantage of the break in the rain over the past weekend and went on a day trip to a few of the local lakes, enjoyed a short hike and had a picnic lunch.  It was so good to get out into the sun and enjoy it.  More on our adventure soon! This is our view when we head to town.  No, I wasn't driving.  I stopped on the road, the joy of living where there isn't much traffic.  The sky was just beautiful the morning I took this and I had to capture the clouds.  My morning routine during the week is to get hubby off to work and then take my coffee and head to the greenhouse and check plants.  I water every few days, if the sun is shining I open the windows up and let the fresh air in, I hand pollinate the squash and cucumber blossoms, and I pinch off a

Garden Update

If you saw my IG tv video a couple weeks ago, I happy to report the weeding situation really hasn't changed all that much.  Weeding isn't a high priority for us.  We're more gorilla gardeners than we are neat and tidy with a picket fence gardeners.   The raspberries are coming in amazing, while it's hard to see in this photo. they are filling in their fence line quite nicely this year. The greenhouse is full and flourishing.  We're trying hard with a few things that maybe aren't suited for the greenhouse space, but as I told you when I started sharing this story, everything is always an experiment. Celery and zucchini plants are really doing quite nicely.  Some things are slow to go, but it's not the plants, a few things were planted a little later than they should have been. The wall of tomatoes is going and fruiting and I can't wait to pull some red beauties off the vine.  We may have to top a few of them on the end closest in the photo, as they are re

On the Rain

I'm starting to wonder if our entire summer is going to be a wet one.  Since we've lived here we've learned there are two types of Alaskan Summers - wet and rainy or hot and smokey.  So far this year is leaning to the wet and rainy side of things.  We had a long wet winter with a copious amount of snow, and I think most of us in the interior were hoping for some nice sun and warmer weather for a few months, but so far it hasn't played out that way. May seems to have been a tease of beautiful weather, only to be replaced by the June drizzle.  It's been raining for days, with little to no end in sight.  I've had more rainy summers living in the state of Alaska than I have in any other state.  Mother Nature likes to play cruel jokes on those that are crazy enough to live in this state.  I think she laughs as she continues to dump snow on us in the darkness of winter and then gets even with us for complaining about how wet winter was by giving us a soggy summer. We

Garden Update

The excitement this past week was getting our new compost thermometer in the mail from Amazon.  You wouldn't believe what a struggle composting is for us in Alaska.  We're fighting the good fight, but this is nowhere as easy as it was when we living in Missouri. I'm still reaping the bounty of herbs I've planted this year.  The bounty in the pic below went into a yogurt sauce for Gyros we had for dinner one night last week.  I get a lot of pleasure in popping out to the greenhouse to harvest a little bit of this and a little bit of that for dinner.   We have TOMATOES!!!  They're green and tiny, but we have tomatoes.  I can't wait for them to grow and ripen. Our Moskvich tomatoes were the first to bloom and fruit, but we have flowers on nearly every plant now and several of them are developing fruit.   We have a pumpkin, and I'm hopeful that it was pollinated.  If it wasn't then it won't grow and will eventually just fall off the vine.  These are pie

The Fairy Garden

This round bed sits in front of our house and for the first few years we lived here was a struggle to grow anything in.  There are two huge "Poplar" Aspen trees in the middle of it and there were some very neglected wild strawberries.  We moved into the house in June of 2013 and I worked on a lot of other projects before I got to this baren bed. 2015, the bed looked very much as it had when we moved in.  I'd raked out all the dead leaves, each year, but not much else was done to this bed until 2015. May of 2015 2016, I decided to tear out all the strawberries out, dig up the bed, and add some mulch and fertilizer to the soil.  I added a little "water feature" to it and played with the idea of putting potted flowers in the bed.   June 2016 2017, I reverted back to the strawberry plan and started trying to transplant native plants from our yard into the bed.  Unfortunately, the Queen Anne's Lace in this photo didn't come back the following year.   June 201

June Wildflowers in Our Yard

Last week I shared a few of these on Instagram and Facebook.  I love walking around our yard and finding wildflowers.  I took all of these with my iPhone, so not all of them are as sharp as they could have been if I'd used my Nikon.  There are other flowers in our yard not yet in bloom, so let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this. This is the year for the Prickly Roses.  I know there are people in our area that try to eradicate them from their yards, but I just love them and have even had some success planting them into a couple of beds closer to the house. I grew up with wild yellow roses in Wyoming and while these pink ones are more delicate they are just as beautiful.   Yellow Paintbrush, I'd never heard of such a thing until we moved here.  Wyoming is loaded with a red version that is called Indian Paintbrush, but the pale yellow is just as beautiful. Arctic Lupine are always these bright pop of blueish-purple in the middle of nowhere.  The leaves are almos