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On Blame

The world isn’t going to become a better place by blaming others. Change won't happen by screaming at others and making them apologize for being. Nor will it happen by tearing down neighborhoods, destroying businesses, and placing blame. 

Nothing in life is free. Nothing in life is owed to any of us. We must go out and earn it, honestly. Not by beating down others to our level.  Not by destroying what isn’t ours. Not by hating an entire sect of people.  Hard work and honesty will take you much farther than hate and blame.  At some point, the blame game has to stop.  At some point, the accountability needs to start.  Only then will the change begin.  

There is always going to be hate.  We will never all sit in a circle and sing kumbaya.  The human race just doesn't work that way.  There will always be someone with more than you and someone with less than you.  What you do with that knowledge and how you use it will determine where you go in life.  

I'd encourage you to watch this video and watch it to the end.  This is honestly the best explanation of "advantage" and "privilege" I've ever seen.  

Erasing history won't change the past.  It also won't change the future.  We have to recognize that what our ancestors did and the decisions they made got us here, but they weren't our decisions we didn't make them.  Tearing down, hiding, and burning history won't change that.  Making people apologize for things that happened a century, half a century or even a decade ago won't change that.  

Blame won't change where we are, or where we're going.  Blame will only make divides stronger, wider, and deeper.  No one owes anyone anything in life, you get out what you put in.  If you put in hate and destruction that is what you will receive in return.  Stop the blame and become accountable.