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My First Pair of Socks

When I say my first pair of socks, I'm not talking about fancy knitting on double-pointed needles.  There is no toe or heel to construct with this pattern.  It's an easy pattern that creates a basic tube sock.  The pattern comes from Teach Yourself to Knit the Easy Columbia-Minerva Way publication from 1967. 

 My mom has made this style of sock for us over the years, we generally wear them as a house slipper of sorts.  She shared the pattern with me ages ago and I am finally getting around to making them.

I had some Lion Brand Baby Wool, worsted weight, in my yarn stash and decided it was the perfect yarn to try out this pattern.  I used two skeins to make one pair of socks.  I also followed my mom's suggested adaptation of using the magic loop method for knitting the sock, which eliminates the seam in the finished sock.  

Since the yarn I chose was a variegated one, I got some funky striping or maybe we should call it color blocking.  Which created a fun pair of socks as an end result.

It took me about three days to create a pair of socks, once I kind of mastered the magic loop set up.   I'll be making more and playing with the pattern to change up the stitches and create some fun patterns.

While this isn't really a pattern review, I would strongly encourage anyone interested in knitting socks to find a simple tube sock pattern.  In my opinion, this is the type of pattern that will build confidence and encourage any knitter to try other styles of socks.  I think these are gonna be great to wear with my boots and I can't wait to make another pair.